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In the interest of establishing trust and transparency, we believe that it is only fair for us to introduce you to our partners.  These are the various world-renowned companies and brands that we have partnered with in our pursuit to deliver our readers, visitors, and community with the greatest quality of service that we can.  We’ve ensured that we only partner with the best, and with companies that hold similar values to ours, and that maintain a positive reputation in the global community.  With partners that we can be proud of, we are confident that this puts us in a greater position to serve you.


Read on below to learn a little more about our partners, what they do to help us, and ultimately how they empower us to help you.



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Our AnimexMusic team houses some serious talent!  We have a variety of creative services to offer our community.

We like to refer to one of our services as AnimexMusicxStudio, or just Studio.  Through this service, we offer high quality custom made music for individuals, businesses, and more!  We typically create action-packed, epic soundtrack scores or soft, romantic ballads; however, we’re game for anything you throw our way.  After all, how else are we supposed to push past our limits?

To learn about pricing and plans, visit our Studio page.


As for our other creative service, we like to call it AnimexMusicxDesign, or just Design.  Through this service, we introduce you to the skill of our talented and dedicated art team.  We do anime art commissions as well as intro/outro videos for individuals, businesses, and more!  We’re still working through the details on this one, but send us a request at and we’ll gladly be in touch.