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Go beyond...

Founded in 2013 by anime fans for anime fans, AnimexMusic is made to be your place to go for all things anime and music.  Whether you want to listen to the latest soundtrack or learn how to make your own *wink*, we want to have something for you.  If we don’t have something for you, well right above here there’s a nifty contact list for you to reach out to us at so that we can add it.

We spent a while away since then, but we’ve come back stronger and faster.  Making a website is tough, and finding friends and family as great as you is also tough, but we’re in this for the long haul.  We’re ready to push past our limits and make something that we can be proud of!  Oh, and if we happen to help some people along the way, that’s nice, too…

How do we help people?  Well, that’s easy: we connect anime and music fans to the anime content they crave in a responsible, ethical manner.   Not only that, but in doing so, we support the artists, producers, and teams that make anime (and the corresponding soundtracks) possible.  By supporting and helping the teams that produce anime, we ensure that they’ll be around to make more anime.  More anime means more of what you love and what we love.  See!?  It all goes full circle.  It’s the circle of lif-…um, anime.  Yeah, circle of anime.  That’s a good title.  We should keep that in mind…

Anyways, we hope that helped you get to know us better.  If you want to know even more (yeah, there’s more!), feel free to read on below.  Oh, and if you haven’t already, then what are you waiting for!?  Sign up to our site and get ready to push past your limits.  It’s time to go beyond!


our partners

In the interest of establishing trust and transparency, we believe that it is only fair for us to introduce you to our partners.  These are the various world-renowned companies and brands that we have partnered with in our pursuit to deliver our readers, visitors, and community with the greatest quality of service that we can.  We’ve ensured that we only partner with the best, and with companies that hold similar values to ours, and that maintain a positive reputation in the global community.  With partners that we can be proud of, we are confident that this puts us in a greater position to serve you.

Read on below to learn a little more about our partners, what they do to help us, and ultimately how they empower us to help you.

Learn about

our services

AnimexMusicxStudio Logo
AnimexMusicxDesign Logo

Our AnimexMusic team houses some serious talent!  We have a variety of creative services to offer our community.

We like to refer to one of our services as AnimexMusicxStudio, or just Studio.  Through this service, we offer high quality custom made music for individuals, businesses, and more!  We typically create action-packed, epic soundtrack scores or soft, romantic ballads; however, we’re game for anything you throw our way.  After all, how else are we supposed to push past our limits?

To learn about pricing and plans, visit our Studio page.


As for our other creative service, we like to call it AnimexMusicxDesign, or just Design.  Through this service, we introduce you to the skill of our talented and dedicated art team.  We do anime art commissions as well as intro/outro videos for individuals, businesses, and more!  We’re still working through the details on this one, but send us a request at and we’ll gladly be in touch.



Well, the AnimexMusicxShop is pretty self explanatory: it’s a place where you can buy all of the things. 

More specifically, you can buy anime and music related things, such as soundtracks, headphones, microphones, and more.  In fact, if you look hard enough, you may even find a place where you can request that we add certain items to the shop!  How cool is that!?

These brands partner with us for

Soundtracks and music gear

As I’m sure you know, Amazon is a global phenomenon!  They help us with reviews, product information, as well as selecting and ensuring the highest quality music gear for you.  With a partner this big, we can’t go wrong!

CDJapan is so close to us, we’re almost like sisters!  It’s all in the title – if you want CDs and you want Japan, you’ll find it here.  They also partner with us in offering an array of high quality headphones and earbuds on a budget.

Loot Anime Logo

We’ve partnered with the fine folks over at Loot Crate to bring you Loot Anime!  For those that don’t know, Loot Crate is a subscription service that delivers you a box of surprises every month.  Loot Anime, well…just guess.

Another big name that needs no introduction is Apple.  They have decided to partner with us to offer their Apple Music monthly subscription service, which gives you access to a vast library of anime soundtracks and Japanese music!

Apple is really focused on growing their Apple Music platform, but let’s not forget about good old iTunes.  Our partnership extends to this service as well, which allows you to buy individual songs without needing to subscribe!

We’ve partnered with Amazon, CDJapan, Apple Music, and iTunes to provide you with ways to support soundtrack artists and find new music sources using these popular platforms.  They also help us review and select only the highest quality headphones, earbuds, and other music gear to offer you.  With partners like these, you can trust that we won’t let you down!

These brands partner with us for

Strategic development

We’ve partnered with Maxbounty, a network that connect us with countless businesses that want to advertise with us.  It is perhaps the best performance marketing platform on the planet.  In fact, Maxbounty has won the award for Best CPA Network in 2019!  Shoutout to Kate! (you know who you are)

If you want fast, modern website hosting for less than $1 a month, Hostinger is where you need to be.  In fact, the smart folks at Hosting.Review have rated it 9.6, the #1 rating on the site.  Hostinger outranks hosting that costs $10 – $35 a month and we are truly proud to partner with them!

All of our partners – both big and small – contribute to our vision and growth.  When we needed a team to be in charge of bringing our partners all together, we decided to give that critical task to the team at Bemob.  We couldn’t be more happy about that decision.  They are incredible!

This one’s an interesting one.  WA is a platform that has free website hosting for you to build a website on (if Hostinger wasn’t cheap enough for you) as well as online business education that can teach you how to do it.  It’s not easy, but we have plenty of friends who have done great things because of WA!

We’ve partnered with Maxbounty, Hostinger, Bemob, and WA to bring you top quality offers, a fast and speedy website, and efficient and relevant marketing.  We also just like to spread knowledge.  Not many businesses are brave enough to let visitors see this deeply into their inner workings, but we’re the type to push past our limits and go beyond (other businesses).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes tour of AnimexMusic!

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